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The Spa

The spa at Damai offers you a variety of both pampering and therapeutic massage and body treatments, plus a range of beauty treatments in the privacy of your villa or in one of our spa pavilions. Spoil yourself with deeply relaxing treatments by our expert spa therapists using traditional Balinese techniques combined with methods from Asia as well as Western techniques, using only natural and organic products based on ancient recipes from the palace in Solo, originally meant for the royal family only.


Traditional bali massage | 450
A restoring and calming massage experience, combining skin rolling and percussion strokes.
60 minutes

Shiatsu | 450
Traditional Japanese acupressure therapy, focused on balancing the body's energy flow.
60 minutes

Reflexology | 450
Restoring body's energy lines by stimulating reflex points on your feet.
60 minutes

Taksu massage | 550
A combination of yoga, thai and deep tissue acupressure massage designed to open the body's natural flow of energy and increase circulation.
60 minutes

Ayurveda treatment | 650
Treatment for your individual body type based on traditional Indian philosophies of healing.
85 minutes

Four hands massage | 750
Four hands of two therapists who work together in unison to create a totally unique experience that heals, relaxes, and refreshes the body.
60 minutes

Warm stone massage | 750
A combination of various classic massages followed by warm stones therapy. Placed on various corporal energy points for a relaxing and soothing effect.
90 minutes

Damai massage | 750
Our most complete massage treatment, using a combi-nation of yoga, thai, acupressure, shiatsu, swedish massage and energy transfer.
100 minutes

Six hands massage | 950
Six hands of three therapists who work together in unison to create a totally unique experience that heals, relaxes and refreshes the body.
60 minutes

Body treatments

Aloe vera and hibiscus rub | 550
A sunburn soother with wild aloe vera and hibiscus from our garden that will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed.
60 minutes

Bali boreh spice | 750
Taksu massage, reflexology, body spice rub, flower bath and aromatherapy. The ultimate balinese ritual to relieve muscle aches and increase blood circulation.
120 minutes

Soya bean scrub | 750
Balinese massage, skin cleansing with soya bean and honey, an exfoliating and invigorating body scrub made with traditional ingredients.
120 minutes

Javanese mandi lulur | 850
A luxurious and pampering treatment to smoothen and "sweeten" the skin. First relax with a balinese massage, then a body scrub of rice flour, turmeric, and sandal-wood is applied to the skin. Finish with a relaxing tropical flower bath.
120 minutes

Volcanic body mask | 850
1 hour damai massage, followed by a cooling mineral body mask with volcanic clay from bali. This treatment cleanses and detoxifies the body by drawing out impurities and has long been used as traditional medical treatment.
120 minutes

Beauty treatments

Natural facial | 550
Cleansing of the skin using traditional natural products; almond, cucumber, green tea. Includes gentle exfoliation, application of a facial mask, facial massage and moisturizing.

Beautiful hands | 550
Enjoy a complete manicure from your elbows to the tip of your fingers, guaranteed to leave your hands and nails looking and feeling in top condition.Available : French & Javanese manicure.

Happy feet | 550
Soak away tired feet before enjoying a gentle foot massage followed by a cuticle treatment with special vitamin creams, nail trimming and polishing. Available : French & Javanese pedicure.

Hair & head | 550
Scalp massage with natural nuts, hibiscus and patchouli. Blood circulation and release stress scalping and firming.

Children's treatments

Children's massage | 200
20 minutes of light massage for the child.

Children's manicure | 200
Funny and colorful painting of nails on hands and feet followed by braiding of hair.


Should you wish to do yoga, a mat is found in the spa pavilion for use throughout your stay. You are free to use the hotel's communal grounds for your exercise, but we suggest you consult with our Spa staff for the best locations.

Classic Sivanandha Hatha yoga
Every Sunday and Wednesday we have a free communal Hatha yoga session for beginners with our yoga instructor.

Private yoga session | 100
A private one hour Hatha-session with our yoga instructor in the spa pavillion or in the privacy of your pool villa. Minimum 2 persons. Children under 12 years old are entitled for a 50% discount.

To request a spa treatment, please fill in the form below. Treatment times are subject to availability and valid when confirmed only.