Spirits of Damai

In the eyes of the Balinese all of Bali is populated with local spirits and deities. Every field, every mountain, every river, every house - and indeed every hotel - has their own resident spirits. Damai is especially blessed in this regard, having not only many spirits living in our lands, but also some both powerful and benign. This is why, the locals say, the lands around Damai is particularly peaceful.

According to local belief, our main spirit in Damai is Dewa Ayu. She looks after the well-being of the plants and animals on the Damai lands, the staff, our guests and visitors and she keeps the area free of evil spirits and demons. She has been known to form special connection to particular staff members and on certain occasions she has intervened in the weather to save the day for the hotel and our guests. Her main dwelling is our main temple, but she has also been known to reside in the minor temples erected in her honor, as well as in the large Santan tree near the bridge crossing the river. She is much respected by all the staff, and daily offerings are made to her.

Two other spirits has been known to accompany Dewa Ayu on occasions - a strong giant guarding the Eastern tip of our lands, and a spirit in the form of a young boy.