Village Trekking

Damai is in the charming village of Kayu Putih. Kayu Putih, which means 'white wood' in bahasa indonesia, is a typical North Balinese farming village, pretty and prosperous, with villagers growing rice, fruit, spices, coffee, flowers and many other crops, with a few schools, a beautiful temple of elaborate design and of course spectacular views.

Even Balinese from other parts of the island agree that the villagers of Kayu Putih are particular friendly, and on our Village Walk you can experience this first hand. Your guide will be one of our butlers who is born and raised in the village and he will introduce you to the local community and its customs. Kayu Putih has some steep hills but we can adjust the pace of the walk to suit your temperament – from a leisurely stroll to a vigorous trek.