Dolphins of Lovina

It started with the fishermen. Every morning at sunrise they would head out in their traditional outrigger boats into Lovina Bay in search of tuna. Because the dolphins hunt the tuna too, the fishermen would scout for dolphins, knowing that when they find them, a school of tuna will be just ahead. When the first tourist found out he could join the fishermen, Lovina's biggest attraction was born.

You head out just before dawn. In low season there might be only a handful of boats. In high season there might be dozens. As the sun rises over Bali the boat captains stand to scout the surface, looking for a breaking fin. The more boats on the water, the higher the chance of finding the dolphins. You almost always find them in the end, but the sooner they are spotted, the longer time you spend with them.

There are three different species of dolphin in the bay, but one of them is becoming very rare. The fishermen say they swim in deeper water now, and surface only rarely. On your trip you might follow a small pod of only a dozen, but just as often you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of individuals, one after the other breaking the surface to perform somersaults and other impressive aerial stunts.