Diving and Snorkelling

The Bali Sea features some of the region's premier dive- and snorkelling sites, and the most spectacular are found in North Bali. Most famous are the protected marine park Menjangan Island, which offers a wide array of dive and snorkelling sites with incredibly varied marine life, 20+ meters visibility and a stunning wall, perfect for both diving and snorkling. A favorite dive spot is the Garden of Eels. Above the surface the uninhabited island features pleasant white sand beaches - as well as a friendly population of Kijang, Bali's unique species of deer. Also nearby is Tulamben, home of the famed Liberty wreck, one of the world's top 15 dive sites. The 120m long wreck used to be an American supply ship, was hit by a Japanese torpedo during World War II. Miraculously nobody got hurt, but when the American Navy tried to tow the ship to Singaraja they discovered that the harbour was completely occupied, so the ship was intentionally stranded on the rocky beach of Tulamben. In 1963 Mount Agung erupted and the magma flow pressed the ship back into the sea where it presently rests at a depth of 3 to 29 metres. Since then, coral has coated the wreckage turning it into a home for an extraordinary number of fish, coral and invertebrates. bump-head parrotfish, napoleon wrasse and barracuda are regularly spotted around the wreck. The reef in Lovina – our 'house reef' – offers rich marine life, pleasant and comfortable snorkelling, as well as accessible night dives.